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Praise and Worship

Sunday School-9:30 A.M.Preparing young people for future leadership roles in the church. Bible lessons are presented to the youth along with related activities. Provides religious instruction to the congregation based on a structured curriculum.

Morning Worship-10:45 A.M. The gathering of the saints praising God.

Sunday School

Sunday School

Prayer, Wednesday's at 6:30 until 7:00 P.M. Weekly intercessory prayer for the Country, State and Community for spiritual, physical mental, and financial blessings, while giving thanks to our Lord and Savior for all that he has done. After prayer we segway into our Bible Study. Come witness the exciting presentation of Gods word from Pastor Parker as the Holy Spirit guides him.


Online Giving

We are grateful for gifts to Second Baptist Church. Together, we are telling the world the glorious good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the riches of life in Him. Everything we do is made possible by your prayers and gifts, and we wish to thank you for sharing your love of the Lord so that others can know Him, too. for your convienceivence you can click the (Power of Giving image or scan the QR code) We have added a Giving Page to our website for the convienience of online giving. It is safe and secure through PayPal.


Praise and Worship


1220 S. Marion & Centralia IL 62801
(618) 918-3263
(314) 393-7289

Do You Know the Names of The Apostles?

Apostles Names

Download this Crossword Puzzle

Names of the Apostles Crossword Puzzle

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Names of the Apostles Seek and Find

October is Cancer Awareness Month

On October 29th, we are asking everyone to ware Pink for a photo of SMBC and Breast Cancer awareness. Click this link for a printable special message from Sis. Loleatha Harris.

Cancer Awareness 2023 Flyer

Click on the image below to visit the Mt. Olive district FaceBook Page. It consists of up to date information contributed by all the district churches.

Mobda Home

Covid19 Information From the CDC

CDC Link

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Daily Scripture

You Are Invited

You're Invited

Sis. Linda Parker gives a warm invitation to come and fellowship with us at Ssecond Baptist Missionary Church.

Posted by Second Missionary Baptist Church-Centralia on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sunday School

Join us live for Sunday Morning Worship at 11:00 A.M. and Wednesday Night Bible Study at 7:00 P.M. through our YouTube Channel or FaceBook Page get our up to date Bible Study Outlines at: Live Worship

We are Studying the Book of:


Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

Members! Prayer is needed throughtout our community, state and nation; won't you join us each Wednesday at 6:30 pm to present a ubited effort in prayer before God.
The word of God encourages us to pray without ceaseing, if healing is to occur in our land!
2 Chronicles 7:14


Abbreviated Weekly & Monthly Events Calendar

SBC Weekly Calendar


  • Sunday School: 9:30-10:15 am
  • Morning Worship: 10:45-1:00 pm


  • 2nd Monday-Women's League: 6:00 pm


  • *Joint Board Meeting: 5:30 pm-Monthly
  • *Business Meeting: 6:30 pm-Monthly
  • *Wellness Meeting:5:00 pm

The Joint Board and Business Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Sunday. Wellness meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month.


  • Prayer: 6:30 pm
  • Bible Study: 7:00 pm


  • Arts and Crafts: 9:00 a.m.
  • Choir Rehearsal: 6:30 pm


  • BrotherHood Mtg.: 10:30 am, Every 3rd Saturday

Second M. B. ChurchOur Community Sick
Flozell BatesVelma Alexander
Marva BledsoeChad Boyce
Keith BrownOphelia Burns
Vernell BurrisLydia Allen
Alec ChandlerKendrick Vaughn
Dee Dee ClarkVelma Alexander
Nick CurlettNedra Offutt
Sharry DavenportMike Simmons
Elizabeth DeanShirley Barnes
Laura DeanOtis Downey
Raymond LawsonAmelia Williams
Joan Gardner 
Marion Bunny Garrett 
Rick GarrettJames Boyce
Garland JohnsonKimberly Currie Lilly
Lisa JonesSteve Whitelow
Marcia KeeneAshlee Singleton
Shirley KingJoyce Pilate
Albert MarshallOphelia Burns
Matthew Patrick IIICory Simmons
Rowena PatrickTerry Williams
Seward PatrickOtis Downey
Vicki SaylesDimple Currie
Elsie ScottLeo Coleman
Preston singletonKeith Brown
Anthonette Strowder-EvansIvory Lawson
Deacon Bennie UpchurchLydia Allen
Marla WebsterJudy Meeks-Hakim
Starla WhiteMurray Center
Moneta Williams 
Paul YoungSonny Weathersby
Karen JacksonThe United States of America
 Natural Disaster Victims Across the Country
 Country of Ukrane
 Families of Deceased Family Members & Friends


We are asking that a special pray be added to your prayer requests for the people of Ukraine.


We are asking that a special prayers be added to your prayer requests for the people of Natural Disasters across the Country.

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